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Birdie's Beads

Birdie's Beads is named after my daughter.  We have called her "Birdie" since she was a baby and she started this amazing beaded journey.  She started making bracelets to help spread love & positivity and I started to learn more about gemstones and all their amazing healing properties.  I am so excited to share my gemstone collection with you!

Our family is very "Earthy" and love natural products.  My oldest daughter was born very premature and along the way has had many obstacles to overcome.  She suffers from extreme anxiety so we really started researching products and natural healers.    I decided to learn how to design and create gemstone bracelets to help others that might have some obstacles to overcome too!  Please feel free to reach out to me with any questions.

I love that each gemstone is different and holds so many amazing healing properties.


Every bracelet is unique and created with the hopes that when you wear them they will radiate good energy, decrease anxiety & stress, and awaken self love and empowerment.


I want to spread love & positivity!  I want to also boost self empowerment & confidence to those that wear them.  Plus we need a little sparkle in our life!


"The bravest thing you can be is yourself" 

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